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I would recommend The Dell to other parents & carers (Parents' Survey 2022)

Learning by Listening - Pupil, Parent & Staff Voices


We really value the wishes, feelings and views of the people we exist for and we routinely and proactively seek them. Evaluating the work we do and continuously trying to do it 'even better next time' is the way we work.


Throughout the school year we are constantly updating our school sampling and evaluation work to learn our strengths and areas for development and to measure the impact of the changes we make. These areas change over time.


Our School Evaluation Activities planner is an ever changing piece of work and is displayed for all staff to see. Some of the 'listening' work we undertake with pupils and parents can be downloaded below.

Pupil Surveys

Headteacher's Working Lunches

Parent Surveys

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We evaluate our school against Estyn's New Inspection Arrangements (2022)

Thank you for your kind comments:


“I just wanted to send you a huge thank you for all your hard work and dedication. The pandemic was such a difficult time for everyone but you always worked with such professionalism and work so well as a team. We are all so lucky to have you look after our children each day.”

Mrs G 


“Just a quick email to thank all the staff at The Dell for giving our children normality and calmness in a time when the rest of the world was in such a panic. You are all absolutely amazing and we feel privileged that our son attends such a fantastic school that provides such excellent care and learning.”

Mr & Mrs W

“We grandparents feel very privileged that our ‘kinder’ are able to attend The Dell Primary School and benefit from the sheer professionalism, expertise, diligence and imagination throughout each and every year. Thank you.”


“I just wanted to say that I am glad parents get to see the incredible amount of hard work it has taken to give our children the opportunity to reunite with their teacher and friends after lockdown. It provided just the mental health plaster that (my daughter) needed.”

Mrs B

“As a teacher myself I know that nobody understands the extraordinary work that it takes to make schools function effectively for every child. If it wasn't for the amazing staff at The Dell, my two children wouldn’t have survived lockdown and home learning anywhere near as well as they did. They not only continued their learning but they made progress too.”

Mrs R


“You have been wonderful, supportive, creative and a total blessing to our family! We will always be grateful for all the love and care you have given to us during some very difficult years.”

Mr & Mrs E

“There aren’t many people who would give up time with their own family to take 60 kids away and give them a life changing experience outdoor for a week. But then we’ve come to see that as the norm for staff at The Dell.”

Mr & Mrs L



“I’d like to thank staff at the school who gave my daughter and her tear group two incredible experiences recently on the Cardiff Bay residential and then the Young Voices Concert in Birmingham. We appreciate that both events take a great deal of organising and we are very grateful for the time that staff gave before and during these lovely activities. It doesn’t go unnoticed and the benefit to the children is very clear.”

Mr D


“We wanted to say thank you not just for teaching our children to read and write but also for the creative and imaginative additional activities you offer like The Dell FM and the farm. We appreciate the strain these activities must place on your budget and staffing but they really are appreciated.”

Mr & Mrs C


“I’m a retired primary headteacher and a school improvement advisor to 30+ schools in the north of England. I want to give a few words of encouragement and validation if I may. I haven’t see the children since they started school but oh my goodness what a massive change in their development, confidence and progress!  You are all clearly very skilled in your roles and your commitment to embedding these vital characteristics of effective learning...and clearly doing a wonderful job and giving the children the best start in their education. Very well done.”

Mrs C, ‘Honorary aunt'’


“There’s something about The Dell which I felt the first time I visited and entered the front door. It’s a genuine warmth and welcome as well as a sense of real care and compassion. As an adult I felt safe and just happy. Thank you. If it has that effect on a slightly grumpy 36 year old cynical male, I can only imagine the difference your approach will make to our children.”

Mr J

"The Dell is a wonderful example of a school which does what is says it does. The children are very happy and love going each day and there's a real sense of kindness and concern. It's not like any school you hear about in the news or on TV. Well done on creating a simply lovely place to be."

Mrs  S

“The Dell Primary School is an inclusive school where the well-being of its pupils is a priority. Support for pupils' emotional well-being is highly effective and is a strength of the school. Relationships at all levels are very strong.”

Estyn Inspectors, June 22

“The school’s curriculum is broad and balanced and provision for pupils’ personal and social development is effective. Teachers provide a wide range of activities that engage the interest of nearly all pupils. Good use is made of the local environment such as when pupils study the River Wye and the area around Chepstow.”

Estyn Inspectors, June 22

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