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I would recommend The Dell to other parents & carers (Parents' Survey 2022)

Learning by Listening - Pupil, Parent & Staff Voices


We really value the wishes, feelings and views of the people we exist for and we routinely and proactively seek them. Evaluating the work we do and continuously trying to do it 'even better next time' is the way we work.


Throughout the school year we are constantly updating our School Evaluation Report, a living document that records how well we're doing and the areas which we need to prioritise for improvement. These areas change over time.


Our Self Evaluation Activites planner in the staffroom details these self evaluation activities and opportuities across the year and some of the larger pieces of evaulation, the Pupil and Parent Surveys can be downloaded below.

Pupil Surveys

Headteacher's Working Lunches

Parent Surveys

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We evaluate our school against Estyn's New Inspection Arrangements (2022)

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