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School Dinners

Monmouthshire Catering

We provide healthy and nutritious meals. We continually work towards providing a good range of healthier meal choices to fulfil the nutritional requirements of growing and developing children. It is our aim to ensure that all pupils are provided with a healthy, nutritious meal and that vegetarians and those on special diets are also catered for. We work with local suppliers and national manufacturers to provide a healthy, nutritious meal for the young adults of the future. We are keen to adopt a ‘whole-school’ approach to food education: ensuring the support of parents/carers, teachers, catering staff, governors and the LEA.


School Meals

Download our school meals menu on the left.


The current meal prices are as follows, please note meal prices are subject to review:

Pupils – £2.50 


Meals can be paid for using your online ParentPay account or PayPoint, available in local stores. We no longer accept cash payments in school. You can go to ParentPay via the link on our home page. A maximum of five credit meals may be granted per pupil, and parents will receive letters advising them of any money owed.


After five credits have been issued, parents will be required to make their own arrangements to provide their child with a lunchtime meal until the debt has been paid.


Appetite for Life

The Welsh Assembly Government’s (WAG) Appetite for Life project tells us how we can improve the nutritional standards of food and drink provided in schools in Wales. We have secured a grant from Welsh Government to implement this project and are working towards improving school meals and snacks.


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