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Governing Body Team


Since the Education Act 1986, the majority of schools have had their own governing body.


The 1986 Act had given Governing Body's far more authority and far more responsibilities including, for example, sole responsibility for the appointment of teaching staff and equal representation with LEA representation on the appointment of Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher. The major responsibilities also include monitoring the general conduct of the school, its admission and discipline policies, its curriculum policies and practice and administering the school's delegated budget.  


Chairman - Mr. Steve Curran

Vice Chairman - Mrs. Emma Becker


Community - Mrs. Liz Gibbon

Community - Mrs. Emma Becker

Community - Mr. Steve Curran

Community - Mrs. Rita Edwards

Parent - Mrs. Kelly Clarke

Parent - Mrs. Hayley Miles

Parent - Mr. Ricky Madge

Parent - Mr. Marc Maddox

LEA - Mr. Ray Jones

LEA - Mrs Nichola Morley

LEA - Mr. Timothy Davies

Teacher - Miss Jenny Cosens

Head Teacher - Mr. Steve King

Support Staff - Ms. Julia Strong

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