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Governing Body Team


All schools have a governing body which is an important part of the leadership of the school.

The Core Purpose of Governing Bodies

  1. Setting the strategic direction of the school, agreeing aims and objectives

  2. Hold the school’s headteacher and senior leadership team to account for securing the best possible outcomes for pupils

  3. Oversee the financial management of the school, ensuring funding supports the school’s curriculum and development priorities

The Role of The Governing Body

The role of a school governor should be a rewarding but a challenging one.  In order for governing bodies to be effective, governors must:

  • understand their strategic role

  • understand the structure of the governing body (committees)

  • adhere to confidentiality

  • understand the corporate responsibility of the governing body

  • have an understanding of what makes a school effective

  • prepare effectively to attend governing body meetings

  • get to know the school – participating in organised visits during session time

  • be aware if the right balance of support and challenge

  • be prepared to ask challenging questions

  • be prepared to undertake further professional learning and increase their skill base

  • be willing and able to monitor and review their own performance

  • be willing to welcome and support new governors (sharing their knowledge)


Chair - Mr. Steve Curran

Vice Chair - Mrs. Emma Becker


Community - Mrs. Liz Gibbon

Community - Mrs. Emma Becker

Community - Mr. Steve Curran

Parent - Mrs. Kelly Clarke

Parent - Mrs. Hayley Miles

Parent - Mr. Ricky Madge

Parent - Mr. Gareth John

Local Authority - Mr. Ray Jones

Local Authority - Mrs. Nichola Morley

Local Authority - Mr. Timothy Davies

Local Authority (Minor Authority) - Sally Ashby

Teacher - Mrs. Jenny Elliott

Support Staff - Mrs. Jennifer Newcombe

Head Teacher - Mr. Steve King

Governor Attendance 2023-24

P = Present

N/A = Not a committee member, so not expected to attend

A = Did not attend, Apology given and accepted

X = Did not attend, Absent

(Learning Walks and Self-Evaluation Activities are additional, information gathering sessions during the school day and subject to individual governors' availability)

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