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School Swimming Lessons


All pupils in Key Stage 2 undertake a block of swimming lessons each year at Chepstow Leisure Centre. The national expectation is that children will attain Level 4 of the National Swimming Awards (below) by the end of Year 6. As with English, Maths, Science and Welsh, if we're measuring attainment, we'd like as many pupils as possible to achieve the higher Level 5.


Welsh National Swimming Award - LEVEL 3

  1. Swim 25m.

  2. Tread water or float for a minimum of 30 seconds.

  3. Answer 4 questions on the water safety code.

Welsh National Swimming Award - LEVEL 4

  1. Swim 25m WEARING T-SHIRT AND SHORTS over swim wear.

  2. Tread water for a minimum of 30 seconds and demonstrate an action for getting help and then move into the H.E.L.P (Heat Escape Lessening Position).

  3. Demonstrate a shout and signal rescue (from a minimum distance of 3 meters).


Welsh National Swimming Award - LEVEL 5

  1. Swim 50m using two different recognisable strokes.

  2. Demonstrate a response to a Lifesaving scenario from one of a range of provided scenarios.

  3. Demonstrate an effective throwing rescue.

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