Parents and Teachers Association


The school's Parent-Teacher Association is a registered charity. Our aims are to provide fun events for the children, support the school by supplying equipment and supporting infrastructure development, create a sense of community and generally put “the icing on the cake”.
Latest News & Forthcoming Meetings
For all the latest news, updates and dates of meetings, please head over to facebook (you don't need an account).

The Committee 2021

The committee roles for this year remain as follows:

  • Co-Chairs - Liz Gibbon & Mark Turner (standing down in August, please message the PTA if you are interested in these positions)

  • Treasurer -  Hayley Miles

  • Secretary -   Louise Mensah

A full list of volunteers in other committee roles can be found in the AGM minutes from October 2019, available at the left of this page. 

Request For Funding Form
STAFF - If you are in need of funding for something that will help the school and children, please download a PTA funding request form (left), fill in the details and send to the Headteacher for agreement then to


Ways You Can Help

Would you like to offer any time to support the PTA? We are always in need of the following:

  • Suggestions from anyone for ways in which you might be able to assist.

  • Ideas for fundraising.


If you can help with the above, (even if it is an hour a month / term / year), please email:


In addition to attending our events, there are many ways you can help raise money for the Dell School with The Dell PTA.


Helping out at an Event

All our events are organised by parent volunteers. This doesn't mean you need to commit hours & hours – just a couple of hours once a year at the school disco, or helping on a stall at one of the fairs, or selling raffle tickets & baking cakes – they all help.


Just as important is supporting events by attending the fairs, buying from stalls, buying raffle tickets – this helps raise the funds to help your school.

To add your name to our list of potential volunteers, please email your details to  Remember – all money raised is spent on events & equipment for the children so please help & support your PTA however you can.Thank you.


School Lottery - Guaranteed Winner Every Week!

Our school lottery is operational but needs your support! You can pay as you go by the month, so there's no expensive outlay. There's a guaranteed winner every month from the school, and there's a chance to win a national prize of £25,000!

CLICK HERE for more details.

Yellow Moon

The Yellow Moon catalogue is packed with fun arts and crafts, games and educational toys. Throughout the year, we will distribute these catalogues in your child's book bag, or you can access them online: For every purchase you make, we will receive up to 25% cash-back (excl VAT and P&P).

Just remember to quote our unique Source Code STH2171  to ensure the cash-back amount is attributed to The Dell Primary School.


Easy Fundraising  is one way in which you can support The Dell in everyday purchases that you make.  They provide a FREE service where you can shop with your favourite online stores and at no extra cost raise funds for any charity, good cause or group you choose to support.  You still shop directly with each retailer as you would normally, but simply by using links from their site, each purchase you make will generate a cashback donation to the cause you wish to support.  For example, spend £25 with WHSmith on books and 2.5% will be donated.  You will have raised 63p at no extra cost to your purchase.  Make any purchase from Amazon and 2.5% will be donated.  Insure your car with Aviva and raise £30, or purchase a mobile phone from O2 and earn £15.50 and so on.  You can shop with 2000+ Brand Name retailers.  If you already shop online why not help The Dell at no extra cost from purchases you would make anyway. CLICK HERE to shop as usual (but earn us comission!)


Pre-Loved Uniform Programme

The Pre-Loved Uniform Programme is a great way to replace your child's school uniform in a cost-effective way.

The uniforms are kept in boxes inside the school office, and are available for purchase any school day and also during fayres on a dedicated uniform stall.

  • If you are donating an item of clothing, please wash, bag and give to the school office. We particularly need sizes aged 9+

  • Should you wish to purchase we have lots of stock ranging from age 3 – 8 years & limited stock 9+ 

  • Purchase by donation of £1 per item paid to the office.


Thank you to everyone who has donated/purchased school badged uniform via the Pre-loved Uniform Programme. This continues to be a successful source of funding for the PTA and is a great resource for parents.


Storage space for the uniforms is currently very limited. If you're able to, please could you wait until a sale is due and then bring in your donations a week or two before. Many thanks indeed!