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Leadership Camp

Part 1

The first part of our Pupil Leadership Camp takes part each year during our Year 5 residential trip to Cardiff Bay. This trip looks at Welsh culture, democracy & leadership in the heart of the capital and the ‘camp’ session takes place as a workshop in the evening and covers:

  • What do leaders do?

  • What are the qualities of a good leader?

  • Who are leaders in our society now & recently?

  • What is ‘vision’?


Part 2

This part of our Pupil Leadership Camp takes place each year during our Year 6 residential trip to Gilwern Outdoor Education Centre in Abergavenny. The trip is filled with practical activities and many physical & mental challenges and builds on part 1. It looks practically at the basics of:

  • Building confidence, leadership courage

  • Leading others - Making an impression, gaining followers

  • Coaching and supporting - Reflecting on being 'Even Better Next Time')

  • Effective speaking and effective listening

  • Building trust & respect

  • CASE STUDY of a leader


This is an evolving programme and in addition to the ongoing work staff routinely undertake with children in their daily diet of learning and teaching in school.

CLICK HERE to see our 'Leadership Skills' page.

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