Wow of The Week!

Each week, this page will contain a new link to something a bit cool on the internet. It might be a tool or something that entertains you or it might help you to be really creative. The list will grow a little longer each week!


Soundation Studio is a fantastic way to make musical loops and tunes by adding and mixing different sound effects. It's aimed at older Key Stage 2 children & adults. You'll have to get an adult to create a FREE account for you. Good tips & explainer videos at

Google Earth is a brilliant way to find out about our amazing planet. Click on the picture and ask an adult to download Google Earth for you (it's free) then click on the world to fly in towards it. You can even fly from one part of the world to another...or zoom in to Wales from space. Can you find The Dell and perhaps your house?

Children will know this song from assembly and one of their challenges while the school is closed is to watch this video and learn the sign language actions so that, when we are all back together, we can all sign this song. It is part of our work looking at different languages...the ones we speak and the ones we sign.

Key Stage 2 children will also know the signing for 'Something Inside So Strong'. You can listen and practise this song at:

If you have a mobile phone which is AR (Augmented Reality) enabled, you can view certain wild animals close up.

Go to Google, search for 'lion' then scroll down to 'Meet a life-sized lion up close'. Click on 'View in 3D' then click 'AR'.

Once you've experimented with different animals, research about Augmented Reality. What is it? How does it work? How is AR being used in science, technology, medicine?

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Mr King's Dance Demo
Mr King's Funky Latin Demo

CLICK THE PICTURE to watch and listen LIVE to the 6 astronauts who are living & working on the International Space Station (ISS) which is constantly orbiting 250 miles above planet Earth in space! 

(Sometimes the space station loses contact with Earth for a few minutes and the screen goes black)

On a night when the sky is dark and there are no clouds you can sometimes see the ISS as is passes over Chepstow. CLICK HERE to find the next day and time when you might be able to see it.


This amazing video zooms from the edge of the universe to the tiniest'll see!


Plane Finder is a website which lets you scan the skies of the world and see exactly where plans are flying. There are fewer planes flying at the moment but if you see a plan in the sky, look at this website, find Chepstow (you should know from assembly how to find Chepstow!) and you will see a yellow plane on the map. Click on the plane to find out where it is going to, where it came from, how fast and how high it is flying.

You can look anywhere in the world and find any plane which is flying. You can also get this website as an app on your phone or device and there are other similar websites to choose from too. Go to


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Here's a list of over 60 virtual tours of landmarks and places around the world where you can take 360 degree tours and move around as if you were there. From the pyramids in Eygpt to thhe Giant's Causeway in Northern Island to Mars! Just CLICK the picture.

Have a look and discover some world class places from your device.


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