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(We will contact our mailing list contacts when we set our open mornings and visits. This is not a waiting list)

Open Mornings - Reception

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​Each October and November we hold three open mornings to welcome prospective Reception parents into our school for a presentation and a tour of the classrooms.

Come and see us on:

Tues 17th October - 9.30am tours

Weds 18th October - 9.30am tours

Thurs 9th November - 9.30am tours


Please contact the office to book a place on 01291 635641 or

Our 2023-24 Reception Team


Have a look at what learning looks like in our Reception, Year 1 & 2 classes

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask a question by CLICKING HERE. We'll post an answer usually within an hour or two to inform you and other prospective parents. 

Q - My child is not five until May 2026. Can she start at Easter 2025 rather than September 2024?

A - Schools in Wales only have one intake per school year and that is for all children who will be five in the following school year. 

Q - Will my child start attending for full days from September 1st 2024?

A- No. We have a very well tried and tested induction programme that sees children attending in smaller groups for shorter hours. We gradually build up to longer days and bigger groups over the course of the first 2 weeks. It works really well and staff are able to spend a little more time getting to know individual children this way.

Q - We live outside the school's catchment area, is it likely that we will be able to get a place for our son?

A - There are no guarantees and numbers of applications change each year but currently around half of all our pupils live outside our official catchment area. Around 12% live in England, (though this doesn't mean that English households have a 12% chance of getting a place). Each of our year groups has a maximum Admission Number of 60. Catchment area is only a factor when the school receives more than 60 applications.

In the event that the Local Authority receives more applications than there are places, the below criteria will be applied to select the successful applicants: Children in receipt of a Statement of special educational needs (statutory requirement for admission)

  1. Looked after children or previously looked after children i.e. children that are in the care of or have previously been in the care of a local authority, will be afforded priority over those fulfilling points 2-8 below.

  2. Children with exceptional medical circumstances, will be afforded priority over those fulfilling points 3-8 below

  3. Children residing within the catchment area for the preferred school who have relevant siblings will be afforded priority over those fulfilling points 4-8 below

  4. Children residing outside of the catchment area for the preferred school, but with relevant siblings who will continue to be in attendance at the preferred school due to being unsuccessful in their application for a place at their catchment school will be afforded priority over those fulfilling points 5-8 below

  5. Children residing outside of the catchment area, but with relevant existing siblings enrolled at the preferred school by September 2023, will be afforded priority over those fulfilling points 6-8 below

  6. Children residing inside the catchment area for the preferred school will be afforded priority over those fulfilling points 7-8 below

  7. Children residing outside of the catchment area for the preferred school, with a relevant sibling (who will be in attendance at the preferred school at time of admission) that does not meet criteria points 4 and 5 above

  8. After applying the categories above, or should the school continue to be in a position of over-subscription in any of the above categories, priority will be based on closeness to the preferred school, measured using the shortest safe walking route.

Q - My child is three, can I put their name on a waiting list for The Dell?

A - No. Schools in Monmouthshire do not operate waiting lists or reservation lists for Reception intakes. All applications must be made to Monmouthshire County Council who are the admitting authority for all (except some faith) schools.

Q - Will my child be able to attend Breakfast Club from the start of September?

A - No. As part of our staggered start and induction programme, children in Reception classes cannot attend Breakfast Club or After School Club until they are attending for full days. This is because of the gap between the club and their start/finish time and because we want their experience of school to be wholly positive and not drawn out too soon.

Q - My son is young and gets very anxious I worry that he will be upset when he goes into school on the first few days. Is this normal?

A - Most of our youngest children come into school with a big grin from day 1. A few are a little anxious and sometimes one or two children may get upset at leaving their parent(s) on the first day. Please be assured that, if they are upset, you will probably get upset too and by the time they come inside and you get to your car, they will be laughing and smiling and you will still be crying and anxious. We'll call you to let you know they are OK (which they always are) and our Reception team are excellent at providing the care and reassurance needed. We'd advise all parents to talk positively and excitedly to their child about starting school and ask you to remember that children will usually be as confident, positive or anxious as you allow them to be.

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