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Need Help and Support?


All families and individuals need help, advice and support sometimes. The difference isn't between families and individuals who do and those who don't, rather those who seek it and those who don't.

Sometimes support, guidance, advice & help is available and comes from family or friends, sometimes, for all sorts of reasons, this is not possible and this comes from outside sources, individuals and agencies. This can be a desperately upsetting, worrying and frightening time for adults as well as children.

As a school we are passionate about supporting and helping every child and understanding the reasons for any dip or barrier to their social and emotional wellbeing and progress in learning. Please talk to your child's teacher about your concerns and circumstances which might impact on their progress, happiness and wellbeing and we'll do our best to support them and you.

But we acknowledge that we do not have the answers and expertise to support every circumstance and the experiences of our hundreds of families. So we have produced the following guide which you will have seen in the entrance foyer to signpost sources of information, advice and support. If you are reading this it is possibly because you need this support and advice. We really hope you find it helpful.

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