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If your child has to self-Isolate or when our school is forced to close:


  1. Their teacher will set them three daily learning tasks on their SeeSaw app.

  2. They should supplement SeeSaw tasks with activities on their Home Learning Menu.

  3. They can access a range of further learning across the curriculum on our website

  4. Their teacher will contact them to see how their learning is going and how they are feeling.


During their period of Self Isolation/closure, if they are well, we expect them to:


  1. Undertake learning, physical and wellbeing activities at home between 9am and 3.30pm*.

  2. Be able to demonstrate the learning they have undertaken (which will be reviewed and assessed by their teacher).


*When they are self-isolating or the school is closed, if they are well, they are registered as learning at home and not ‘having a day off school’. While their absence is marked on the registers as ‘authorised,’ they should be able to demonstrate the activities they have undertaken and their learning for each day of this absence. We do not feel it is reasonable to expect children to undertake 6 1/2 hours of learning each day as they would in school, just to undertake their SeeSaw activities and other learning, physical and wellbeing activities and only during these times. Ultimately, beyond their SeeSaw activities, parents have discretion in how and when children learn according to their unique domestic circumstances

Guidance for Parents

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